Regina Bernhaupt is invited professor at IRIT. Her research focuses on user experience in the domain of iTV and how to design and develop new forms of interaction for iTV.  She has previously organized workshops at EuroiTV and CHI, including a game jam at CHI 13. She has been actively involved in the EuroiTV conference in several roles.

David Geerts has a PhD in Social Sciences at the KU Leuven where he is Research Manager of the Centre for User Experience Research (CUO) at the faculty of Social Sciences. David is specialized in user-centered design and evaluation of future ICT applications, such as social interactive television, serious games and social media, working on several local and EU projects. He organized many workshops, special interest groups, and tutorials at international conferences. David Geerts is part of the TVX steering committee.

Daniel Schwaiger is a researcher at ruwido, Austria. Ruwido is producer of input devices (e.g. remote controls) for interactive TV and IPTV solutions. He is responsible for the development of prototypes based on games engines.  Recent topics he has been working on include the investigation of touch, movement, speech and the usage of bio-physiological signals to enhance the interaction with iTV-systems and content.

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