Call for papers

Interacting with TV and Video content has become increasingly complicated in the last 10 years. Currently, a set of remote controls is necessary when interacting with an (interactive) TV offer to be able to enjoy the content. In addition to these remote controls, applications for mobile phones that enable the control of parts of the devices (most frequently the set top box) are now available and add another layer of complexity to the overall interaction. Other forms of interaction like using gesture have been introduced to the market but were not well received by the clients [5]. Beyond that second and third screens for tablets are used in the eco-system of (interactive) TV.

Goal of this workshop is to develop a set of new ideas of how in the near future we will interact with video and TV content on several devices. The theme of the jam (or research question we want to investigate) is how to enhance interaction with video and TV content finding new ways to perform standard tasks on multiple screens not on only one screen with one remote. The challenge given to the participants will be to come up with a new type of interaction that is used for a standard task including a control action (e.g. volume/channel switch) with at least two screens involved. This challenge is NOT communicated to participants before the workshop.

Using standard prototyping environments like HTML5, games engines, Arduino and Makey Makey (made available by the organizers) participants will develop a first (running) prototype to demonstrate their ideas and concepts.


The workshop is planned as a full day workshop with up to 25 participants.

Workshop participation and participant selection: to participate in the workshop participants are required to submit a 2-page proposal indicating their experiences with prototyping interactive TV and online video solutions and their background (e.g. design, art, computer science, …) and skills (especially programming skills). Participants (including participants from industry) can alternatively or additionally submit a video, short presentation or description of past (art) work to demonstrate their skills and interests. If accepted for the workshop participants have to register for the TVX conference.

The workshop organizers together with a set of experts will select participants based on their experience and knowledge but also with the goal to balance skills between participants to allow a successful workshop.

Submissions have to be submitted via e-mail to latest 31st of March 2014. Notification of acceptance will be given on or before 20th of April 2014.

Before the workshop: The workshop will have an accompanying website where participants will have additional information and instructions. The usage of prototyping environments will be based on participants’ skills and knowledge. To allow for efficient prototyping we will provide a set of prototyping tools on the website for pre-installation and will help participants use them during the workshop.

After the workshop: We aim to make the videos of the evaluation session available online as well as to develop a white paper on how to adapt the Game Jam method for the domain of (interactive) TV and online video.

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